SharePoint Solutions


Itenology Corporation created several SharePoint solutions to its clients to provide document management, news announcemnets, tracking of requests, and several other 

SharePoint Examples

Leave Request Application: The Leave Request System is a SharePoint 2010 based solution that provides a method to add, edit, cancel, approve, and reject leave requests. The system also allows administrators to view leave requests based on divisions and teams. The Leave Request System contains specific sections that are only accessible by the site administrators. Team leads and approvers will see different views of leave requests to allow them to approve and reject them. Users can update or cancel their request at any time before it is approved. Notifications are sent to both requestors and approvers whenever a request is added, updated, approved, or rejected.

In addition to out of the box SharePoint functionality, there are several forms that were developed with custom code (JavaScript Client Object Model). The tool used to develop the application is SharePoint Designer, in which the custom code and workflows were created. The team leads and timesheet administrators use reports in the form of customizable views to verify individuals’ leave hours and check them against the leave hours entered into the their timesheet. Several team calendar views were also created to allow users to view approved leave requests on their calendars.

DSED SharePoint Application: The Data Services Engineering Division, DSED, SharePoint application is an internal site that encompasses multiple subsites representing teams within the division, such as Data Collection, Geographic Information System, Information Technology, Mapping, Travel Forecasting, Traffic Monitoring, and State and Local. Each of these subsites contains all information required by the team, such as goals, missions, organizational chart, products, services, featured applications, blogs, files, and links to related sites. Every site, within the DSED Site Collection, has a site administrator who can administer the site and members can collaborate on documents and share information.

The DSED application is SharePoint 2010 based and was built using out of the box functionality, SharePoint Designer Workflows, JavaScript Client Object Model, and Server Side code. The JavaScript code is used to validate forms and to update related lists. The Server Side code is used for permissions, such as adding and removing users to permission groups and giving elevated permissions when required.

The DSED application played a major role in centralizing information for each team and provides a repository for users to electronically manage their documents and to make them available to everyone under the “Employee’s Resource Area.” The DSED application contains reports in a form of PDF, views, excel sheets, and datasheet views.