Corridor Analysis


Itenology Corporation has vast knowledge and technical expertise with multi modal micro simulation software such as VISSIM and Synchro/SimTraffic. With 3-D capabilities, the user has the benefit of realizing real-world traffic-pedestrian interactions and gauge behavior. VISSIM can also assist in mesoscopic simulation when the effects of a detour, for example, is to be calculated on a smaller scale within a larger network given alternative routes are available to the motorists.

Itenology Corporation staff has assisted its clients with the developing VISSIM network from ground up and introducing signals and remaining appurtenance of the roadway features including geometry, configuration, and distribution of traffic i.e., vehicular and truck routing on the model network. With the physical features on the network, the modelers began calibration process to mimic the real world conditions from the peak periods including the traffic volume surge, motorists' behavior and pedestrian interactions on the roadway.

The resulting models followed strict metrics in calibration such as speed, travel time and volume throughput before future conditions were analyzed. Future conditions varied not only in traffic volume served but also in roadway geometry and tacit change in motorists' behavior.

When it comes to analyzing projects with freeway-to-freeway, freeway-to-arterial, and multi modal networks, Itenology Corporation experience is among the best in the industry



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